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About Us

Welcome to Asper Worldwide Enterprises. This is an indigenous initiative to bring about a revolutionary change in the Kenyan agribusiness sector! The firm was started by John Gathogo in 2003. The company is trying to improve the stock of poultry chicken as well as egg laying birds that are available in the country! In the end the objective of the company is to make a positive contribution to the animal husbandry sector by improving the quality of birds, broilers and egg layers that is available to the poultry farmers.

Kenbro chickens are one way by which this positive change can be introduced to the agribusiness sector. They are a new and very promising breed of chicken that have gained great popularity within Kenya. The popularisation of the breed was the outcome of efforts put in by a few farmers in Nakuru state. The experiment was addressed towards solving the problem of low growth rates, poor egg laying potential and unimpressive hatching rates. Asper Worldwide Enterprises is adopting the same line, utilizing the ability of the breed to produce a much larger number of eggs and also supply more meat as compared to indigenous breeds, on average. Today Kenyan poultry farmers are deperately searching for ways and means by which to improve the breeding and output of chickens by combining traditional knowledge with modern methods of indigenous chicken production.

John Gathogo started off by supplying incubators to breeders of Kenbro chicken before moving on to the sale of Kenbro chicks. The vision that he has laid out is to help farmers produce superior quality birds and eggs for the market. The challenge that is there in this area is to address the problem of numbers and avoidance of inbreeding which can cause a number of problems including stunted growth, reduction in egg production and birth of birds prone to diseases and congenital defects. This is what we at Asper Worldwide Enterprises are trying to address.

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